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Dear visitor, 

welcome to T-Gallery, the first and only gallery of contemporary graphic art in Slovakia. Please, come in and take a look at our art collection.

This is a space were Slovak artists show their newest creations in various media including traditional printmaking techniques, digital prints and drawings. Specialty of our space are artist books and comic strips printed in limited editions, beautiful artworks in themselves. 

T-Gallery is not an ordinary gallery, but a space for promoting local art and talented artists. When you buy an art piece, the gallery does not take any percentage from the sales price and hands the total amount paid over to the author of the work. This is a unique way to make art more accessible, directly support young artists and avoid additional costs for the buyer. 

Every artist represented by the gallery shows a couple of works on the walls and more artworks on the tables. We also cordially invite you to leaf through illustrated artist books. 

Please, enjoy the art and if you are interested in an artwork, let us know, we are happy to assist you. 



Panská 24
81101 Bratislava


tel.: +421 (0) 903 601 656
+421 (0) 904 989 347

opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm
Saturday from 9am to 5pm

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