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Katarína Macurová

I am an illustrator, an occasional curator, and from time to time – for a few days – a traveller. I teach at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and I know how to prepare the most exquisite beef wellington.

Travelling and discovering of new countries, cultures and habits are the main inspirations for creating my works. I took part in a number of student exchanges in Greece, Mexico, USA, Spain, lived in Scotland and traveled in Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, Vietnam and India. All of these destinations are reflected in my illustrations and book projects.

I combine traditional artistic techniques like painting and printmaking with new technologies like digital painting and 3D modelling to create the perfect approach unique for every story I illustrate. Using this approach, I illustrated the following books: Turčianske povesti (Matica Slovenská), Riečne Povesti (Matica Slovenská), Bunny’s Journey and Ja nič, Ja muzikant (Slovart). 

The book project Bunny’s Journey received the Communication Arts Award of Excellence (USA), was among the finalists for the award presented by the British Association of Illustrators (AOI) and represented Slovakia at the  Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) in 2013.

My work and leisure time are indistinguishable, with one little difference: in my free time I can savour Chianti.