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Adela Režná informácie o autorovi

Adela Režná is a young graduate of Academy of Fine Arts and Design from studio of illustration. Her work is mostly focused on children’s illustration. She illustrated several published children’s books, but she also participated in other diverse projects, such as a brochure for foreigners (In_akosti Slovenské), as an illustrator in a literary competition (Bratislava in hundred words), she made editorial illustrations for sport magazines, coloring pictures, art works for „Egreš“ studio, she designed illustrations for the ice skating rink in Kuwait, she participated at the Street Art Festival in Bratislava or at the Grape festival. Every year, she engages in the comic book "Pomimo" and her work can be found in the slovak children's magazines Slniečko and Bublina. In 2015 she attended an internship at the Plymouth University in United Kingdom and participated in several collective exhibitions. In 2018 she wrote and published her first book for children „Sugar Shoes“.


I am a maniac for reading and an immature child. Literally. 

My most common output, regardless of whether it is drawing, painting or printmaking is illustration, especially the one for children.

I have been surrounded and inspired by books ever since my childhood.  I usually start reading at least three books at the same time. They are a valuable source of inspiration for my artwork.

As an illustrator, I feel I have a unique ability to alter the course of events by means of my imagination alone. The final outcome of many of my projects, therefore, are books. 

I like to switch between traditional and digital art techniques as well as playful illustration, ironical hyperbole, reduced or simplified shapes and modest richness of colours. 

My author book „Advent“ with pre-Christmas traditions and a postcard for each day was awarded a prize at the international competition entitled "Fenomén Kniha (A Phenomenom: The book)".  Several of my illustrations appear in a book for children „Marínka Somarinka“ published in 2014.