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Kristína Šimeková informácie o autorovi


„For a long time I have been exploring the principle behind the construction of abstract paintings. The cornerstones of my work are motion and colour. Motion creates abstract "narratives" and color emits emotions. I understand painting to represent the pleasure of creation. My interest is directed at the initial contact between the audience and my paintings. I capture their attention in order to examine what is hidden inside those works. The visual experience offers a moment of silence and intimacy. It seems like my paintings have no deeper story, no narrative. But there exists a title going along with each work and it hides a precise situation, a specific emotion and thought. The title does not provide a clear explanation, but it helps to understand what cannot be told with words alone. We live in a world overwhelmed with information and facts. Everything needs to have an exact description. But a human soul does not work that way. It doesn't have a formula to be followed. I try to go a little bit deeper than words are able to.“  



Kristína Šimeková was born in Bratislava on June 4th, 1986. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts & Design. Her studies began at the Department of Printmaking and Other Media in the studio of prof. Robert Jančovič. In the third year she joined the Department of Painting and other media under the leadership of prof.Ivan Csudai, where she remained until the end of her studies. Šimeková currently lives and works in Bratislava.