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Ové Pictures

Michaela Čopíková and Veronika Obertová founded Ové Pictures in 2010. 

Ové Pictures style is distinguished by their use of traditional animation techniques, to which they add contemporary aesthetics. Main characters of their videos are puppets made of various materials: paper, cloth, plastic and a variety of found objects. The resulting works are a prime example of the co-existence of analog and digital approaches: the stop-motion animation is processed through a long array of digital postproduction procedures.

Ové Pictures’ animations are characterized by particular humor, typical also for Tim Burton’s movies, where cute and quirky meets eerie and brutal, always packaged in a sophisticated and gentle wrapping. In Ové Pictures’ videos, a scene where a lady sailor and a lumberjack exchange an amputated leg is seen as an act of infinite love.

Short animated films, motion designs, videos, commercials or animated annual reports made by Ové Pictures contain gentle dark humor, playfulness, perfect technical work and above all, an idea.

In addition to animation, Ové Pictures also create illustrations and T-shirt designs. Ové Pictures have won multiple international prizes and their work was published in prestigious international design magazines IDN and The Reel.

They work alternately in Bratislava and Lisbon.


Wandering – music video for  Susan James, 2012
IDAHO - music video for  Antioquia, 2012
O láske nepoznanej - music video for  Jana Kirschner, 2012
Dust and Glitter – short animated film,  2011
Free To Be Me - music video for  Haroula Rose, 2011