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Géza Németh

Géza Németh is one of the most productive members among the youngest generation of Slovak printmakers. His work was shown in fifteen individual exhibitions in Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia, as well as in group exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Egypt, Russia, Italy, France, Spain and Poland. Géza Németh was presented with a number of awards. The most important of these is the award he received this year in Kyoto in Japan. Apart from collections in Slovakia, his prints were acquired for collections in Egypt, as well as the National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan.

Géza’s debut at T-Gallery was in 2011 with an individual exhibition “VÝCHOD”. The 2012 exhibition titled „Zjavenie/Apokalypsa“ (Apparition/Apocalypse) took us on a chronological journey of author’s work from prints created in 1995–2005, while still at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava to his newest work from 2012 created specifically for T-Gallery.